The District Logo Refresh

A casual refresh for a mark that changed downtown Columbia

While the original mark served the CID well for a decade, The District’s leadership was interested in a refresh that would “go unnoticed by a casual observer.”

Img 9176

I think that Neutraface fits the character of Downtown Columbia’s 1920’s/1930’s architecture without being a shallow retro fashion statement. I also wanted to avoid the industrial look of the previous mark and steer clear of Kansas City’s Power and Light District.

I selected Neutraface 2 Condensed for the largest text, redrawing it to add slab serifs and integrate the letterforms.

District Map Vertical 2015

The District maps and wayfinding signs stationed all over downtown Columbia help visitors find their way to campuses, parking and city buildings.

Courthouse Plaza Map Finale

The entire map system was designed modularly and intended to be able to scale up to fit the scope of a city block — or the entire city. This map greets visitors at the edge of the County Courthouse Campus.